Barcelona’s subway. Why should people wear mask?

por | Nov 13, 2020 | Mascarilla

Walking with my brother on the subway, I decided to take this photo on August 15, 2020, to show the strict respect of the mandatory use of the mask promoted by the WHO.
WHO said : « Masks are a key measure to suppress transmission and save lives. Masks reduce potential exposure risk from an infected person whether they have symptoms or not. People wearing masks are protected from getting infected. Masks also prevent onward transmission when worn by a person who is infected.
It’s a big suffering for us, as Latinos, to abide by this norm since we adore physical contact, with our friends, family, and colleagues.
Our emotional stability is based, in part, on physical contact, doesn’t it?
In social sciences it is said that people have consciousness and the ability to develop abstract representations that influence our behavior.
Have you noticed that now our conscience is programmed to wear masks and disinfect our hands every time we leave the house or visit a store? The fear of getting infected is our new social phenomenon.

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